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Anyway to "reinitialise" the storage

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Anyway to "reinitialise" the storage

We have emptied one of our lefthand clusters and were wondering if there was anyway to reinitialize the storage as we have had excessive disk failures in the cluster and were wondering if a reinitialize would help


Cheers in advance

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Re: Anyway to "reinitialise" the storage

Contact Support -

Have support perform the following steps to each node.

If you dont want to contact support just remove the node from the management group, then the cluster, then perform steps 5-9

1.Have support stop the manager on the node and start either a virtual manager or make sure FOM is operational.
2. Putty into the problematic storage system.
3. Use the command servicectl dbd_store stop to stop the store process.
4. In the CMC, right click on the node and select Repair Storage System .
5. Once the node is in Available system and ghost node has been created, select reconfigure RAID
6. Once the Store is showing normal, start the manager if one had been running on it before the repair process
7. Add back to  management group
8. Select Edit cluster and exchange the node for the ghost.
9. Once the storage system is back in the cluster and restriping the data. The management group bandwidth can be increased to speed up the process of data restriping, but at the expense of application and user access. At this point the process is complete. The volumes can be monitored to ensure that the restripe completes without any issues


However more then likely the issue with the failed drives is probably firmware. Make sure they and all the diskdrive subsystem is at the latest firmware. If these nodes are at least G2 series you could perform most of it from the CMC by just applying all the patches on each node. It will automaticly upgrade them to 10.5 unless you select 'keep at current version' or something like that.


If these are NOT G2's then you will have to perform the firmware upgrades by hand.

Once you have them out for repair or removed them from the management group then you could perform the following.

If you want to you could try this first and not reconfigure the RAID.



Creating a Bootable USB Device with Supplements
Download the HP USB Key Utility for Windows.

Download the HP Smart Update Firmware DVD 9.30.


Find the latest drive frimware and load it on the dvd as intructed in step 3

This is for the P410 and drives it supports it contains the latest and greates drive firmware.

1. On a Windows based system execute the HP USB Key Utility installer.
2. Run the HP USB Key Utility program. Select the HP Smart Update Firmware DVD 9.30 “*.iso” file, and a USB flash drive.
3. Copy the supplemental update “*.scexe” file(s) to the “HPFWUP930\hp\swpackages” directory on the USB flash drive.
4. Boot the Storage System from the USB flash drive.
5. Select “Interactive Firmware Update Version 9.30”
6. Choose your language and keyboard settings, and accept the user agreement
7. Select the Firmware Updates tab and choose the link “Install Firmware”.
8. Do not select a bundle on the “Select Bundle Filter” screen. Choose “Ok”.
9. See the following exceptions when choosing from the list of available packages:
- For DL320s using SAN/iQ version 8.5 or older unselect the iLO 2 version 2.05 upgrade.
- For DL320s using SAN/iQ version 9.0 or newer you can accept all available upgrades.
- For P4300, P4500, P4300 G2, P4500 G2 and P4800 G2 you can accept all available upgrades.
10. Choose “Install”.
11. Once all upgrades are completed, verify all upgrades where successful, and select “Reboot Now”.


Let me know if you have any questions.

 Sorry the post was so long