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Automating - Scripting VSA IP address assignment

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Automating - Scripting VSA IP address assignment

Usually all SAN/iQ nodes, including the VSA, have to have their initial IP address set via serial or KVM connection to the node.
The VSA being a VM though, it does now have a way to "push" an IP address through the vmx file. This can be handy for automating installs of VSA by script.

This only works on SAN/iQ 8 and later VSA...

Before the VSA firt boot set these values in the .vmx file: = "VSA"
guestinfo.ip = ""
guestinfo.nm = "" = ""
guestinfo.proto = "static"


host is hostname
ip is IP address of the VSA
nm is the network mask
gw is the network gateway
proto is the protocol, one of “static” or “dhcp”

An example of dynamic would be, = "VSA"
guestinfo.proto = "dhcp"

The VSA will examine these values on the first bootup only and set them once.
Subsequent boots will do nothing with these settings as we don't want to change the IP address of a live VSA.
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger