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Can't install FOM on Hyper-V

New Member

Can't install FOM on Hyper-V

I try to install the FOM (Failovermanager) on Hyper-V. The installation fails whit the error:

Installation failed.

Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.

While 'Modifying VM...'

Sorry but the error message is in german only. It is a W2008 R2 Server an all Updates (& Patches) are installed. The source is the installer on the DVD 8.5.

Thank you for you help!

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Re: Can't install FOM on Hyper-V

Hi Cristoph,

I have to install this myself this week. According to my reseller there is a FOM for Hyper-V.

Here is an old thread:

(Optional) Installing Failover Manager (Hyper-V)

Install the Failover Manager onto a separate server on the network.

Install the Failover Manager on a system that has access to the SAN subnet. Do not install it on the SAN itself.

Using the HP StorageWorks Management DVD:
1. Download the HP StorageWorks Management DVD ISO at

2. Create the HP StorageWorks Management DVD.
3. Insert the HP StorageWorks Management DVD in the DVD drive on the computer that you will use to administer the SAN.
4. The installer should launch automatically. If the installer does not launch, navigate to the DVD drive and select the vsa_hyperv folder and then click setup.exe.
4. Click Failover Manager.
5. Click Install FOM for Hyper-V
6. Continue through the installation wizard, following the instructions on each window.
7. Click Finish to exit the wizard and start the Failover Manager.
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Re: Can't install FOM on Hyper-V

For Win2k8 running Hyper-V and installing the FOM Errors when Mounting
Refer to this link for more info:

Apparently it is caused by 3rd party backup software, and the solution seems quite simple

To work around these problems, follow these steps:
1) Start Registry Editor.
2) Visit the following registry key: â HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\FsDependsâ
3) Under the â FsDependsâ key, change REG_DWORD value â Startâ from â 3â to â 0â
4) Restart the computer
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Re: Can't install FOM on Hyper-V

Thank you all

The solution was not chose a network adapter during the fom setup (not assigned).
Maybe because i had special caracters in the hyper-v virtual network adapter like a "-".

The setup ends now successfully. After the setup i assign manualy the network on the virtual host in hyper-v.

i am happy :-)