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Cluster swap final steps clarification

Occasional Advisor

Cluster swap final steps clarification

Perhaps I didn't set up the cluster swap as I should have.


My cluster had 3 G2 nodes, swapped for new 4530's. I selected the swap nodes option, it successfully completed the swap and restripe, leaving the old nodes in the management group with the same managers running. 


This is the part that I am a little unclear on. I believe my next steps are to start/stop the appropriate managers to move the quorum to the new nodes, and then right click and 'Remove from Management Group' the old nodes. Sound right?



Honored Contributor

Re: Cluster swap final steps clarification

correct, but I suggest you stop a manager then start one up one at a time and make sure it completes and then wait a couple more seconds before repeating just to be sure.


Once you have nodes that are in the management group, but don't have managers running, you should be able to remove them from the group without complaints from CMC.