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command recoverQuorum

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command recoverQuorum

can i use the 'recoverQuorum' command to remove the useless virtual manager from quorum.

my management group works correctly but the best practice recommands to remove virtual manager.

are there any risks to lose data using this command?


Re: command recoverQuorum



You can stop the virtual manager in your CMC. Verify on wich node it is running and stop it via the task button. The virtualmanager allows to make your LUN's available when quorum is lost temporary.


You can remove the virtual manager on Management group level.


The recoverQuorum command is, if I'm not mistaken, for when a node is unrecoverable. It shoudn't be used during normal operation.


Kind regards,


Joris Vliegen


Re: command recoverQuorum

The Virtual Manager can and should be stopped on the system it is running on, when all other managers are up and running.


If you do have a management group with an odd number of normal manager, then you can remove the Virtual Manager from the management group once you have stopped it.


Do not use the recoverquorum command unless you are really instructed by HP Support to do so. This command should only be used if you have lost nodes in your cluster and if there is no other way to regain the quorum of your managers - but as I said, please contact HP Support before you use it!