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Configuring HPE P4300 G2

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Configuring HPE P4300 G2

Hello All, 

We have a couple of P4300 G2 sitting around not being used. No one has any idea what the access details are, but I do have the feature keys. 

So, in order to get access, we destroyed the RAID setup, so we could attempt a re installation of the OS. I have downloaded  HP P4300G2/P4500G2/P4800G2 Storage System Quick Restore DVD (AX694-11004.iso) from the HPE website, burnt to CD and booted from DVD. This bit works fine. I then add the feature key to a FAT32 USB drive, renamed the text file to "featurekey_MAC" and pressed Enter.  However, the system is reporting it cannot find a valid feature key, and if I enter it manually, it reports the same. 

I know this is the correct feature key as I recently downloaded it from HPE license portal. As we do not currently have a support contract with HPE, I would like to know if I am missing anything from the process which, allows me to factory reset the hardware and install the SAN OS as default? 

Thanks in advance! 

New Member

Re: Configuring HPE P4300 G2

I resolved this issue once I spotted the featurekey was saving with the extension of .txt. Save the featurekey without an extension and it will work.