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Decomissioning cluster


Decomissioning cluster


We're moving our SAN for our VM Environment away from Storevirtual to another product.

What is the best way to decomission the cluster cleanly juuuust in case we realize we missed pulling something off of the cluster


Re: Decomissioning cluster

Found my answer with some googling. The instructions I found were for 12.5 but they worked for our 12.6 cluster

When you follow these steps if you have any SANs not in the managment cluster but in the management group, those nodes won't shut down. They will prep for it but you have to hit the button yourself.

The others that were in our management group and acting as one large SAN all shutdown in good order.



Safely shutting down a management group
1. Disconnect any hosts or servers that are accessing volumes in the management group.
2. Wait for any restriping of volumes or snapshots to complete.
3. Stop managers on storage systems that you plan to remove from the management group. You may want to add a StoreVirtual FOM or start a Virtual Manager on a different storage systemtomaintainquorumandthebestfaulttolerance.Seethesection“StoppingManagers” in the HPE StoreVirtual Storage User Guide.
4. Log in to the management group to shut down.
5. Click ManagementGroupTasks on the Details tab, and select ShutDownManagement Group.
6. Click ShutDownGroup.

After you click ShutDownGroup, a confirmation window opens, listing volumes that are still connected and that will become unavailable if you continue shutting down the management group. If this window opens, do the following:
a. Stop server or host access to the volumes in the list.
b. Click ShutDownGroup.

Restarting the management group Whenyouarereadytorestartthemanagementgroup,simplypoweronthestoragesystemsfor that group:
1. Power on the storage systems that were shut down.
2. Click Find?FindSystems in the CMC to discover the storage systems. When the storage systems are all operating properly, the volumes become available and can be reconnected to the hosts or servers.


Stopping managers
Under normal circumstances, you stop a manager when you are removing a storage system from a management group. Stopping a manager that will compromise fault tolerance generates an alarm. You cannot stop the last manager in a management group. The only way to stop the last manager is to delete the management group, which permanently deletes all data stored on volumes in the management group.

Implications of stopping managers
• Quorum of the storage systems may be decreased. See “Quorum and the number of managers” (page 132). • Fewer copies of configuration data are maintained.
• Fault tolerance of the configuration data may be lost.
• Data integrity and availability may be compromised.
1. In the navigation window, select a management group, and log in.
2. Select the storage system for which you want to stop the manager.
3. Click StorageSystemTasks on the Details tab, and select StopManager. A confirmation message opens.