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Delete management group

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Delete management group



I'm stuck in a Management Group with one storage inside which I'm not able to remove, due to missing manager (some kind of similar error, I'm far from storage now). Only option I have is to log in to management group, but when I choose, it gives me that error.

Is there a way to forcibly remove that storage or complete management group. Where this configuration is saved (I'm talking about a system with 2 storages (StoreVirtual 4530).


Thank you for any idea.



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Re: Delete management group

I"m not clear on what you are asking.  Are you trying to delete a management group from existance so you can repurpose the node?  If so, you can do that from the console of the node by simply selecting "remove from management group".


If you are trying to regain access to a management group where you have lost a member which what required for quorum, then you should contact support to have them guide you through how to regain quorum in this instance.