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DSM for MPIO Version Number

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DSM for MPIO Version Number

I have latest version of CMC installed ( Build 0163) and it tells me that the version of P4000 DSM for MPIO should be "" installed from "Windows_Solution_Pack_Installer_9.0.0.938.exe". I have used this installer but I only get version "" installed. Is CMC wrongly stating the version? I'm using it to drive all the downloads now but the version numbers for MPIO do not match. The VSS Provider version does correctly match though.
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Re: DSM for MPIO Version Number

I am seeing the exact same thing too.  P4000 DSM for MPIO but when I run Windows_Solution_Pack_Installer_9.0.0.938.exe the Upgrade Version Check windows responds "UPGRADE IS SAME VERSION. You are repeating setup of an existing version of the DSM. Are you sure you want to install same version again?"

Respond Yes or No.  I click No.   When I go to Device Manager and under SCSI and RAID controllers and I click on the properties of HP P4000 DSM for MPIO it tell me the driver version is Should I manually up date this driver or this driver to run the upgrade from 9.0 to 9.5.


Any help will be appreciated.