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Fail Over Manager - no disk space

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Fail Over Manager - no disk space

we have two 4730 Store Virtual with a Fail Over Manager, which runs as a Hyper-V machine on a windows server.
Now Hyper-V reports that the Fail Over Manager has too little disk space and stops the FOM.
How can I delete logs I don't need in FOM to get more disk space? 

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Re: Fail Over Manager - no disk space

Hi Peter,


I hope you are not having FOM on the storage cluster and saniq version and patches are on the latest.

CAUTION: Do not install the Failover Manager on a volume that is served from HP StoreVirtual

Storage, since this would defeat the purpose of the Failover Manager.


Please check, if you are using less than 15 GB of disk space for FOM.


Minimum system requirements for using FOM with Microsoft Hyper-V Server

• Supported versions of Windows Server

◦ Windows Server 2012

◦ Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

◦ Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

◦ Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter

◦ Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core

◦ Windows Server 2008 SP2, except for Core, which is not supported

• 15 GB available drive space on the Windows server for the Failover Manager

• Hyper-V role installed and running

• At least 1 GB of memory reserved for the Failover Manager

• Two virtual CPUs with at least 2000 MHz reserved


There is not much space that can be recalimed from deleting FOM logs.

Even it is not suggested, as in case of storage down situations FOM logs are the best logs which can tell story of both storage nodes simultaneously.


Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Gupta

Technical Solutions Consultant

Simplivity/Storevirtual Team


I am an HPE employee
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Re: Fail Over Manager - no disk space

It wasn't the size of the FOM disk but the size of the partition of the Hyper-V host. I cleaned up the Windows partition and the FOM could be started again.

Sorry for that