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Failover Manager


Failover Manager

On page 120 of my copy of the "HP P4000 SAN Solution User Guide" (HP Part Number: AX696-96158- Published: December 2011 - Edition: 6) I read under "Failover Manager requirements": "Server—not on the P4000 SAN—on which to install the Failover Manager.".


  • Given a small vSphere infrastructure  whose datastores are hosted by a P4300 cluster, where should the Failover Manager be placed?
  • Is it advisable to place it on the local storage of a single ESXi node?
  • Which problems can arise if the Failover Manager is hosted by a datastore hosted by the P4300 SAN?




Honored Contributor

Re: Failover Manager

whatever you do DON"T install the FOM on a disk on the SAN.  If you ever lose quorum you will not be able to regain it because the FOM will reside on a disk that isn't available and you can't get it back because you need that FOM to get it back!


Definitely install the FOM on one of your esxi hosts on local storage.  Keep in mind that if that host goes down AND one of your other SAN nodes goes down you will lose quorum, but that 1000000% better than keeping the FOM on one of your iSCSI storage drives.


If you don't like the idea of putting it on your local storage, you can get a 200$ el-cheapo supermicro Atom server and load it onto that.