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How do I setup VSA, so it uses my infiniband adapters?

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How do I setup VSA, so it uses my infiniband adapters?

Hi all, 


I have a problem with setting up VSA. I have a c7000 with 4 BL685c g1 blades, I also have a sb40c blade with 6 sas drives. My idea is to use one of the bl684c as a nas for the other 3 blades. So I figured a one node solution with HP VSA should be really good. I am running ESXI 5.1 on the blades. 


Here is my problem - I've setted up the VSA with a volume to share, setted up an iSCSI server. Everything works fine when I'm using the eth0 to share the volume ( eth0 is a part of vswitch, that handles management traffic ) . My idea was to use the infiniband addapters, which ESXI sees as 20000mbps ethernet addapters. So I've created another vswitch and a portgroup for virtual machine traffic, VSA's eth1 is a part of this switch and the uplink is one of the infiniband ports. 

On the other blade ( the one that needs to see the volume ) I've created a vmkernel switch with one uplink - an infiniband port. Both uplinks adapters are connected, my ip sheme is correct. I've setted up the VSA to use eth1 for san traffic and I still can't see the volume. Any suggestions on how to fix that?