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hpe storevirtual vsa could enable jumbo frame

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hpe storevirtual vsa could enable jumbo frame

Hi boys

I will need to enable jumbo frame on  Hyper-V CLuster Windows 2012 R2. The cluster connect at StoreVirtual VSA. The VSA Appliances they are allocated in the local disk of the cluster hosts.

The Hyper-V Cluster host 10/12 VMs, I will need stop all ISCSI traffic to VSA? or it is possibile to enable jumbo frame with the Online VMs?
Thank You

Honored Contributor

Re: hpe storevirtual vsa could enable jumbo frame

In theory, the VSA will follow the setting of the physical nic and virtual switch the VSA is attached to, so in order to enable jumbo packets you just need to make sure they are enabled with the items I mentioned above.  use "ping -f -l 9000 IPADDRESS" to make sure it works if you are trying to test a 9000 size packet.

That being said, I believe it was fixed at some point, but some time in the past this worked and then it stopped working after an upgrade and I believe it was later fixed, but I'm not sure about it because I just stuck with standard size packets in our setup.