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HPE VSA 2014: The storage system status is 'Inoperable'

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HPE VSA 2014: The storage system status is 'Inoperable'

I have an ESXi 6.0 HA cluster with 2 DL380 Gen9 (P440ar), each with 2x 1.6TB SSD in RAID-1 + 11x 1.8TB SAS HDD in RAID-6.
Storage is configured as two N-RAID-10 volumes (one with Adaptive Optimization) running Lefthand OS 12.6 with Quorum Witness.

Yesterday I had the second host down to upgrade the controller firmware (3.56 -> 4.52) and driver ( - and resync succeded succesfully.

But this morning during migration of some VM's both volumes went off-line and returned back 3 minutes later.

At the same time these events were logged in CMC:
"The storage system 'VSA02', in cluster 'HQcluster1', latency = 64.911, which exceeds 60.000."
"The storage system 'VSA02' status in cluster 'HQcluster1' is 'Inoperable'"
"The storage system 'VSA02', in cluster 'HQcluster1', latency status is 'Normal'."
and the volumes are degraded. :/

There are no errors to see in IMM and hpssacli reports status OK on all objects.

I guess the first step in solving this, would be to reboot the VSA, but I would like to hear your opinion first.

Should I stop the manager before rebooting the VSA?

Besides: Is it possible to create a diagnostics report with hpssacli when the host is booted to ESXi?



Re: HPE VSA 2014: The storage system status is 'Inoperable'

Hi Kristian,

I think from your description that the volumes were not responding for about 3 minutes, then the store on VSA02 went inoperable and remains that way. 

Rebooting the node is a good thing to do when the store is inoperable. That will often bring the store online again after a transient issue. It is not necessary to stop the manager first.

This could be a hardware or configuration issue that will need extensive troubleshooting. Please open a support case if you would like in-depth assistance. The Active Health log on the host (generated in iLO) will have some good information that can be read by HPE Support. 

I am an HPE employee - HPE SImpliVity Support

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Re: HPE VSA 2014: The storage system status is 'Inoperable'


I just restarted the VSA, and it resynced fine.
All good now - was just a little worried. :)