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is it safe to remove lefthand from cluster?

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is it safe to remove lefthand from cluster?

hi all


i have 2 lefthand p4500 series that configure with raid 1 in one cluster. let say lefthand1 and lefthand2.

all of  lefthand in one i want to relocate lefthand2 to my branch with different subnet.

somebody tell me that we must change to raid0 then remote lefthand2 from cluster.

the step that i had  used is change all the volumes to raid 0.

now i want to remove the lefthand2 from the cluster with right click on lefthand2>remove from the cluster.

i use hp storage work p4500 centralized management console

if i execute lefthand2 "remove from the cluster" is this the right way that my data will not corupt?

as i know that when i change to raid 0, the data will striping to lefthand1 and lefthand2.




Re: is save remove lefthand from cluster?

That is Volumes would not be mirrored amoung the nodes after the movement.

When you  change the volumes to Network RAID 0, That would require restripping of data.

Then when you remove a Node from the cluster, its data has to be written to the Node which will remain in the Cluster.


Leave the Volume on Network RAID 10, (Volumes mirrored on both Nodes)


I am presuming that Node 2 is being shifted to another branch and a MultiSite Cluster would not be implemented.

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