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multi-san architecture

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multi-san architecture

HI, I would like to build a DR by using multi-san but not sure if it is possible.

Side A and Side B with fast WAN link accessing the same volume. There are physical and ESX hosts connected to volumes with SQL and Web applications. I would like to do a DR test once a month by switching to my side B. DNS will be done at my ISP fairly quickly. Customers at that point will be connecting to web servers at Side B and all transactions are going through a Web app and SQL in Side B. When I am ready to switch back to Side A... Does the data stay synchronized between 2 sides? Is this possible with multi-san?

If yes, please provide details.


Thank you in advance


Re: multi-san architecture

Generally in P4000 DR Site is through a WAN. hence slow speeds between sides.

And hence it is Asynchronous. Relying on Scheduled Snapshots.


In MultiSite setup,  one does not go thru the ISP(WAN) and there is a dedicated link between the 2 sites.

This would be a Synchronous Volumes.

But this requires a ping times between the 2 sites to be less than 2 milli seconds.


In your case, if you have 2 sites joined by ISP, I dont think you would be able to achive the 2 milli second pings, hence synchronous volumes would not be possible.



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