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P4000 VSA Config Question

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P4000 VSA Config Question

I am setting up a demo environment with two VMware physical hosts in Site A and one VMware physical host in Site B. I want to eventually demo HA/DR with Exchange between the two sites and I'm using the P4000 Virtual SAN appliances on each VMware physical host.

I have followed the design principles in the Quick Start Guide and VSA User's guide, but I have a pretty basic question about configuring the disks that are part of the Virtual SAN.

For now I'm just focusing on Site A and VMHost1 and VMHost2. I'm a little confused about sizing the disks between the two server in order to have VMHost1 and VMHost2 fail over for each other. Here's my question:

When I add disk space to the VSA on VMHost1, do I need to add the same amount of disk space to the VSA on VMHost2?

I hope I gave enough information. If not, let me know what other information I need to supply.

Thanks is advance,
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Re: P4000 VSA Config Question

Hi Chris,

It would make sense to have the same amount of disk on each VSA, certainly in site A as you will want to create a cluster with the two VSA so that the volumes can be configured as two-way replicated and your volume will still be available following the loss of one of the hosts. Think of the VSA as a disk in a RAID set - if you have a 72GB and a 146GB and you create an array the 146GB disk is treated as if it is a 72GB.

The VSA on the host in Site B can be any size as long as it is big enough to accept the remote copy snapshots that you will be using to test DR.