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P4300 Hyper-V Snapshot - Wrong Server gets permission


P4300 Hyper-V Snapshot - Wrong Server gets permission

I have a small 2 node hyper-v 2012 cluster with Lefthand P4300 Saniq 10.

i'm using DPM 2012 Sp1 to backup my cluster.

I have laso installed lefthand vss writer on both host and it works fine on one of the host.

On the other host this weird thing happen;

When i run a backup from dpm on a virtual machine hosted on this particular host, i can see in CMC that the snapshot is made. But my scsiinitiator will not make a connection to the snapshotlun, and it times out.

I have actually found why this happens and to resolve it manually, but it has to be done each time i run a backup..... NOT an option.

So... the problem is actually that the snapshot that is made have no read/write for my host, but just for my secondhost. my second host does not have that particular virtual machine online.

To resolve this I right click the snapshot and assign the correct server read right and the snapshot automatically mounts and backup work 100%.

The question is;

1. Why does the snapshow get wrong owner? Even when the name Vss---servername of the snapshot refer to the right hyper-v server?

2. Is there a way i can force the lefthand to give all my hyper-v servers read right to all the snapshot?


Looking forward to hear from you if anyone have a solution for this issue.