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P4500 G2 and StoreVirtual

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P4500 G2 and StoreVirtual



I have 4 x P4500 G2 SAN's in a multi site cluster configuration (2 at each site).


We need more capacity in this cluster and can no longer procure the P4500 G2 model, instead we are looking at the HP StoreVirtual 4730.


My question is- could 2 of these be added to our current cluster which is based on the 10.5 version of LeftHand software?


I've tried looking through the documentation but cannot find anything.




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Re: P4500 G2 and StoreVirtual

My recommendation would be to move all of the G2 units to one site, and procure new StoreVirtual units for the primary site.

The software is compatible from a replication standpoint, and you could replicate from the new StoreVirtual units to the G2 units at the 2nd site.

HP does note, however, that you can mix G2 and StoreVirtual in the same cluster in the official End of Life notice for the G2. I personally don't recommend mixing generations simply because I believe you'd get better performance by having all systems in the cluster having the same performance characteristics.

Here's the End of Life notice that notes that mixing is allowed and notes the replacement recommendations for the various G2 nodes:
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Re: P4500 G2 and StoreVirtual

First question that I would ask would be what capacity drives are in the existing P4500 G2 units. Then as long as they are either 450GB or 600GB then I would use the StoreVirtual 4530 modules with the same size disks to add to the cluster.


I have added 4530s to an existing cluster of P4500 G2  units with no problem and HP Pre Sales regard it as a valid configuration.


Regards, Mike. 


Re: P4500 G2 and StoreVirtual

Thanks for the replies guys