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p4500 G2 Network RAID 5 performance

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p4500 G2 Network RAID 5 performance


We've reprovisioned a HP p4500 G2 SAN with RAID5 on the storage systems and NRAID5 at the cluster level.

This SAN will just be used for disk backups and tier two (non-critical) virtual machines.


With NRAID5, you must thin provision the storage and while I expected slow write speeds the speeds we're getting are painfully slow. The four storage systems have 5.4TB usable storage, so i've create a thin provisioned 16TB NRAID5 array. 


Is there a better configuration we could use for this SAN to maximise available capacity but with better write speeds?



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Re: p4500 G2 Network RAID 5 performance

NR5 is really for archive storage only.  Trying to run VMs on it is going to bring it to its knees.  Unless you have 5+ nodes, the cost/benefit of doing anything in NR5 is pretty much never there. 


BTW, the network raid level is set at the LUN level and not at the cluster level, so you can have one LUN on NR5 for archive storage and the others set at NR10 for production use.