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Problem with VSA on VMware Workstation

New Member

Problem with VSA on VMware Workstation

I'm trying to evaluate the VSA ( on VMware Workstation (7.1.2 build-301548, which appears to be the latest version).

The VSA hangs at "OK, booting the kernel." There's no other output. I've let it run for a good 3-4 hours now, so I don't think I'm giving up too soon.

I imported the OVF and haven't modified the settings. I've tried using the magic sysrq key on the VM, but either it's not activated in the kernel or the VM is toast.

Now, I realize it's not supported on Workstation but I don't have an ESX or ESXi host available to run it on at the moment. Any thoughts here? I've dinked around with a few basic settings (giving it more memory, etc.) without any luck.

Re: Problem with VSA on VMware Workstation