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Reboot behaviour - vSphere didn't log a disconnect?

Super Advisor

Reboot behaviour - vSphere didn't log a disconnect?

Not that I'm complaining but...


I have a 2 node P4500 cluster with a FOM.  Today I needed to reboot one of the nodes.  There were several VMFS volumes which were using the node that was to be rebooted as their gateway.


I did the reboot and gave it 1 minute in the CMC dialog box.


Now, I'd expected to see vSphere log some sort of disconnect/disruption even if just for a few seconds whilst the MPIO sorted itself out (I'm running 2 VMKernels in RR config as per the P4000 guide), but that didn't seem to happen, whilst my Windows hosts using the MPIO DSM did log some isci errors.


So now I'm curious on two counts:


  • When you tell the CMC to reboot a node in X minutes, does the P4000 immediately start to move connections off of that node?
  • Any suggestions on why there wouldn't be any errors/warnings logged on the events tab in VI Client?

I need to install the latest patches for SAN/iQ 9.0 soon so it would be good to know.