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Registration - P4000 ..

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Registration - P4000 ..

Having recently purchased six nodes (3 dual-node bundles) is it not quite telling that it took less time to rack the things up and get them up, running, and added into a cluster than it did to figure out the deluge of paperwork that comes with each node?

Just how many envelopes and license keys/packs?

So either

a) the P4000 stuff is pretty simple to setup

b) HP need to lift their warranty game

Or of course c) It's just me and I'm moaning for the heck of it, but blimey what a chore to register them all.

Nice kit, hope the registration process is simplified. A lot.
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Re: Registration - P4000 ..

Gone are the pre-HP days when the nodes came activated and ready to go out-of-the box...

I often miss a lot of the streamlined non-bureaucracy of good ole LeftHand Networks!