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Shutting down VSA in ESX using PowerCLI?


Shutting down VSA in ESX using PowerCLI?

Hi folks,


I am trying to figure out a decent method to automate the shutdown of my VSA VM in ESX 5.5.

I have a powercli script that shuts down all VMs except for the VSA and CMC VMs.


Would anyone have a suggestion for shutting them down?

I am wondering if it safe to use the Shutdown-VMGuest command rather than shutting down the VM from within the CMC console?



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Re: Shutting down VSA in ESX using PowerCLI?

Better to do it on the NSM IMO.


If you a running SAN I/Q CLIQ from a windows host:

>cliq shutdownNsm action=Shutdown delay=10 login=xx.xx.xx.xx userName=your_nsm_login passWord=your_nsm_password


or  SSH:
Login to the on-node CLI using the node IP address and the designated port 16022.

>ssh –p 16022 -l <user> <xx.xx.xx.xx>
>shutdownNsm action=Shutdown delay=10

Also, instead of supplying the password in the script, you might want to use a key file for SSH - from the manual:
Instead of specifying username/password parameters, you may choose to specify an
encrypted key file which contains the credentials.
This file can be kept in a secure location, or otherwise access - controlled. To create this file, use the createKey command.

>cliq createKey login= username=admin password=secret keyfile=key.dat
>cliq getGroupInfo login= keyfile=key.dat