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Splitting a Cluster of 2 LeftHands

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Splitting a Cluster of 2 LeftHands

We had two LeftHands in a cluster.  One of the lefthand devices failed and only one remains.  The failed LeftHand was removed from our environment as it could not be repaired.  The cluster still exists but with only one member and software being used to quorom.  we would like to break the cluster since it throws "Cannot connect" errors.  Can I just remove the failed SAN from the Cluster? The software warns me that it will trigger a restripe.  Can this be done in a production environment? Utilization is at 98%.

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Re: Splitting a Cluster of 2 LeftHands

break cluster?


what are you trying to do? 


Are you trying to keep your data?  If not, just delete the luns on the cluster and then you can delete the cluster and the remaining node will show as a member of the management group and available.  THen if you want, you can remove the node from the management group and then the management group would have no record of the remaining node.


If you can't connect to anything and don't care about recovering the data, you can always log into the node directly and reset the node back to factory to make it available to join another management group.


Might be good to share a screen shot of the problem and say what you are really trying to do.  The loss of a node can be annoying, but generally can get very simple to deal with if you are going to get a replacement.