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StoreVirtual Failover Ping Loss

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StoreVirtual Failover Ping Loss



We have serveral HP StoreVirtual SAN nodes in our environment.  We have been doing some DR testing with a 2 node cluster.  When we pull power on the node that is holding the VIP we experience a 4 ping loss while the VIP is trasfered (I guess?) to the other node.  When we pull power on the non-VIP node, we do not experience any ping loss.  We do have a FOM VM running in this cluster.


Has anyone experienced this and is there any way to reduce the ping loss if the VIP holder fails?


Thanks in advance,




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Re: StoreVirtual Failover Ping Loss

need more info.


are you using vmware or hyper-v?


If hyper-v, are you using the HP DSM?


If vmware...  you are pretty much stuck until they release a DSM for vmware to better handle MPIO.  In the meantime, there may be an iSCSI path timeout function you can tweak to speed the failover up or a setting to tweak to ensure that LUNs don't fail when a delay happens during a failover event.