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Two SANs have different shutdown temps!

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Two SANs have different shutdown temps!

Hi All,

I have a two node SAN cluster running SAN/iQ

They are old, its the old DL320s, one developed a faulty motherboard, so I replaced it, re license keyed it etc etc


I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version "2008.06.10", but the shutdown temperature is lower than my other SAN (and others that are the same model / BIOS level on other sites)


My other SANs are;

Caution: 40C; Critical:45C


This SAN is;

Caution: 37C; Critical: 42C


I have tried re flashing the BIOS, googling but I cant find any info anywhere.

Anyone have ideas?


Thank you



Trusted Contributor

Re: Two SANs have different shutdown temps!

IIRC there was a patch for the shutdown temps back in the version 8-8.1 days.  I think it adjusted the ILO settings. 


Yup, here it is.  You'll probably want to reapply this: