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VSA migration and adding a node to existing production single node VSA.

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VSA migration and adding a node to existing production single node VSA.

Previously VSA was running as a single node at two different locations but due to single controller we have been facing some critical errors on HP VSA Instance, the impact is massive hence we are aiming to move the HP VSA Controller from LHR Site and have it setup in a failover cluster mode in KHI Site . 

Here are the goals we are trying to achieve.

  • to un-configure and unmount the VSA from Lahore.
  • Mount the VSA at Karachi site.
  • Configure the additional VSA node in the cluster with an existing node at Karachi site

Any quick response will be highly appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: VSA migration and adding a node to existing production single node VSA.

is this the storevirtual VSA solution you are talking about?  I don't understand what "single node at two different locations" means unless you are talking about having a single VSA instance and connecting to it from two different sites.


Are lahore and Karachi the ACTUAL locations where your two sites exist or is this just names representing two different sites?  If this is physical, keep in mind that distance adds latency (if a quick google search is correct, its .82ms/100mi, so at ~750miles you are looking at adding ~6ms latency each direction which I believe is out of the range specified for a true multi-site cluster.  


As for the question about unpounting one node and adding it to another existing node....  Data availability is done at the cluster level.  It sounds like you are saying that you have two different clusters and you want to physically move the node AND the data from Lahore and join it to an existing cluster in Karachi.  It is not possible to move a node from one cluster to another and maintain that data.  It is possible to "move" the node, but since this is a VSA, you might as well just turn off the existing VSA and then create a new VSA in the new site with the same MAC address so that you can use the existing license key.  Then you can add that node to the karachi cluster.


As a general rule, you shouldn't have a cluster with less than two nodes because there is no redundancy in such a setup and there is no way to maintain data availability.  Once you get two nodes, you can do software matintenance and you can achieve real data availability when you enable network raid 10.