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VSA P4000

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VSA P4000

How can I upgrade VSA 8.0 to VSA 8.1?
Can both version be on the same cluster?
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Re: VSA P4000

You upgrade the VSA firstly by downloading the SANIQ.upgrade file.

The steps are as follows.

1) Upgrade the centralised management console to 8.1
2) Find out which node is running the VIP and also if you have Quorum, when a node is shutdown. (Suggest using virtual manager on the node not being upgraded is enabled on it)
3) Upgrade the first node which isn't running the VIP or virtual manager. Upgrading is done using the install software tab on the node.
4) Once the upgrade is complete upgrade the other VSA.

Always make sure you have quorum and also the DMS/MPIO software is upgraded on any servers running it.