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VSA trial - no disks

New Member

VSA trial - no disks

Downloaded the 60 day VSA trial.  Attempted to load it into VCenter, it crashed the installer.  Found the .OVF file in the unzipped directory, imported.  Set an IP and booted it up.  Connected CMC to VSA trial and I can see it fine, however there are no disks in the appliance.  I cannot add any, to do anything it is asking me for the license key.  It is a demo and there is no license key, or do I need to obtain one somewhere.


Any advice?  I called the support number on page for the trial, I get a sales person who states he can't help me get it working, support won't help because I don't own it.  Why would I buy something I can't get the demo working for?




Re: VSA trial - no disks



for the "storage" disk, you add next HDD with the Virtual Device Node to be SCSI1:x, no SCSI0:x ...