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Cisco Phones on 2610-24-PWR

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Cisco Phones on 2610-24-PWR

Recently acquired a 2610-24-PWR and I want to use it for my Cisco phones (7940s and 7960s). I've already got Call Manager setup and currently these phones (10 phones) work through a switch module that I have in my 2800 series router. From the Cisco router/switch I have two vlans, VLAN 1 and VLAN 10. VLAN 1 is used for voice traffic and VLAN 10 is used for data traffic. VLAN 1 operates on the 172.18.1.x /24 subnet and VLAN 10 operates on the 192.168.1.x /24 subnet. Each port has the following configuration:

switchport trunk native vlan 10
switchport mode trunk
switchport voice vlan 1
mls qos trust dscp
auto qos voip trust
auto discovery qos
spanning-tree portfast

This seems to work just fine. If I ever add a new phone to this Cisco device the pone comes up just fine and I'm able to configure it in CUCM without issue.

I tried to replicate this as best I could on the Procurve but I don’t believe I have things working correctly. Below is output from that switch, can someone help guide me through this? It’s my first time working with a Procurve switch, thank.

… Also, I know to use crossover cables, the phones ARE powering up, they just aren’t getting their info from the tftp server that is providing configuration data to the phones.

vlan 1
name "voice"
untagged 1-23,25-28
ip address
tagged Trk1

vlan 10
name "DATA"
tagged 1-23,25-28,Trk1

power pre-std-detect

spanning-tree Trk1 priority 4

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Re: Cisco Phones on 2610-24-PWR

In Cisco world I believe the native vlan is untagged so it looks like your tagging is the wrong way around for the voice and data vlans.
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Re: Cisco Phones on 2610-24-PWR

I agree with Mohammed, the tag/untag should be swapped.
The voice vlan uses tagged packets, the data-vlan untagged.

On the cisco device it's not like it should be!
On the cisco it should be an access-port not a trunk....
The "switchport voice vlan 1" results that packets with vlan-1 ID are accepted even if configured an accessport.
Packets without vlan-id are forwarded to vlan10. other packets will be ignored.

On the procurve check is vlan1 is not only named "voice", but is designated as voice vlan.
vlan 1
(should also have been done in a cisco environment)

Cisco devices use CDP to recognize the ip-phone as ip-phone.
The 2610 may prefer LLDP instead
Use "sho cdp" to see if it is enabled, and and "sho cdp neigbors" to see if the phone is recognized as such.
from the 2610-MgtCfgGde:
By default the switches have CDP enabled on each port.