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Communicate across VLANs

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Communicate across VLANs

I have two vlans set up:
vlan1 -
vlan2 -

I have a network printer on vlan2 which as far as I know does not support 802.1q and a computer on vlan1 which does not support it either. Is there a way that I can communicate between the printer and computer?

The switch I'm using is a 2650
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Re: Communicate across VLANs

You will have to route between the 2 subnets/vlans. To do this you must have ip routing via the switch set up or have a router interface plugged into the corresponding vlans.
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Re: Communicate across VLANs

Ok. That makes sense. I have IP routing enabled on the switch. vlan1 has an ip interface address of and vlan2 is

The printer is
The computer is

What would the route then be?
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Re: Communicate across VLANs


Usually end devices like PCs, Printers don't have to understand the 802.1Q.

What you have to do is:

1- Assign an IP in V1an1 on the 2650 Switch.
2- Assign an IP in V1an2 on the 2650 Switch.
3- Enable IP Routing on this switch.
4- Untag on port to Vlan1, and connect the printer.
5- Assign an IP on the printer in subnet, and its gateway is Vlan1 IP on the routing switch.
4- Untag on port to Vlan2, and connect the PC.
5- Assign an IP on the PC in subnet, and its gateway is Vlan2 IP on the routing switch.

Thats it, everything now should work smoothly :)

Good Luck !!!
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