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Create a Read-Only login on my cisco routers

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Create a Read-Only login on my cisco routers

I need assistance setting up a couple of my Cisco routers with read-only accounts so that certain users can "show run" and read various logs without being able to change any of the configuration.

The main mode of access to the router will be through the console port, which is already configured with a read-write password.
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Re: Create a Read-Only login on my cisco routers

in document :
cisco reports,
"To enable a privileged user to view the entire configuration in memory, the user needs to modify privileges for all commands that are configured on the router."

So if you are not enabled for all commands (level-15) you cannot see the full configuration!

A suggested solution could be the autocommand option:
username inout password inout
username inout privilege 15 autocommand show running