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Create VLAN on same subnet mask

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Create VLAN on same subnet mask

I want to create on the same subnet 172.18.*.0
3 or more VLANS because I want to avoid to change some static adresses on a
network with up to 1200 machines and about 30 servers this network have also a DHCP server. All switches are connected to HP Procurve 9304 as the core switch.

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Re: Create VLAN on same subnet mask


Brado, you can't really do that, sorry. You can't create two vlans with the same subnet.

I think your best bet will be with Protected Ports or Private Vlans, but this is cisco talk, I'm not sure what HP calls it. I bet someone here can help you better.

Anyway you should read something about the concept of private vlans and protected ports to find out what you need to do.

Hope this helps,
hugo tigre