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E Series Switch Differences (E2910/E3500/E6600).

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E Series Switch Differences (E2910/E3500/E6600).


A simple question really:

What's the primary differences between the E6600, E3500 and E2910 series?

I'm looking to purchase a replacement switch with 10GbE capabilities (and other port quantity requirements) and my research so far has led me towards the following 3 switches/configurations:

- HP E2910-24G al Switch (J9145A) with 2Port 10-GbE SFP+ (J9008A) installed.

- HP E3500-24G-PoE+ yl Switch (J9310A) with 10-GbE 2Port SFP+/2 Port CX4 (J9312A) module installed.

- HP E6600-24G-4XG Switch (J9264A)

Excluding the SFP+ transceivers, the cost differences between is three configurations above is quite noticable, especially between the E2910 and the E6600 series.

So, does anybody know the benefit of the paying the extra cost. I've looked through the specifications of these switches and it seems to me the main difference is the Memory/Processor setup - as well as the routing table size. But which is best? What affect does a smaller routing table actually result in?

Any help answering my questions much appreciated.


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Re: E Series Switch Differences (E2910/E3500/E6600).

3500/6600 are full Layer 3 switches.

The 2910 can do local routing and maybe RIP, but no OSPF or VRRP or IPv6 Routing.

Layer 2 features will be basically the same across the all 3.

How much routing you do (either locally or out) may depend on which will work best.

If the switch is a "core" or "server" switch, more capability for future use may be the better choice. Spend more now and have growth for later.

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Re: E Series Switch Differences (E2910/E3500/E6600).

Let me add a bit of clarification.

Yes the 3500/6600 can do OSPF, VRRP, Multicast Routing, IPv6 Routing and QinQ -but- they require a "premium license" to be purchased separately.

I am sorry I didn't say that previously.

They will do local routing, RIP and layer2 out of the cardboard box, it's just the higher level routing features require the add-on license.

btw, the licenses are platform/product specific. This is sometimes an issue when folks have a 5400/8200 and see a less expensive license, but then find out it doesn't work. The licenses are priced based on platform (fixed port -vs- chassis).

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Re: E Series Switch Differences (E2910/E3500/E6600).

Thanks for your replies.

The setup here is school based. The network has one subnet on one (default) VLAN. Routing out is controlled by an ISP/authority provided CISCO router or which I have no control over. This router is connected to a 5308xl, which in turn is connected by one path or another to approx. 50 Procurve 2500/2600 series.

The issue i've got is that the 5308xl is physically full. The 2910al appears to offer all the ports I require as a replacement as some 10GbE links are required, but I'm unsure as to how it would perform against the 5308xl. This is how i came to look at the 3500 and 6600 series, but the cost start to become astronomical (in our terms) when I priced them.
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Re: E Series Switch Differences (E2910/E3500/E6600).

Andrew asked": "how it would perform against the 5308xl."

I have not looked at the specs of the 2910, but since it is based on much newer ASICs than the 5300, I would expect that they would be equal at least. The 2910 may even be a bit faster than the 5300.

I know for sure the 3500/6600 would way out perform the 5300.

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Re: E Series Switch Differences (E2910/E3500/E6600).


I think that in your situation 2910al could be a good solution but not if that switch will become the core switch.

Your description deal with about 50 access-switchs and 2910al is also an access-switch or little server farm one.

The interoperability with a 5300 switch is not a problem.
But 2910al integrate recent features not available with old procurve switchs which you can't be able to use.
The best choice should be a 3500 or 5400 procurve switchs to replace your 5300 core network switch. and put it to the edge access like 2500/2600 devices.

Euro price from october 2010
HP E2910-24G al Switch - 1999â ¬
HP E3500-24G-PoE+ yl Switch - 3809â ¬
HP E5406-48G zl Switch - 7589â ¬ (+ HP 4-port 10GbE SFP+ zl Module - 3809â ¬)

It's only my opinion.