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Firewall between VLans

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Firewall between VLans


I am installing Oracle RAC on HP_UX server and it is exiting with error
"Failure at final check of Oracle CRS stack.

And this occurs when there is problem in cummincation between public and private lans.
So I contacted network engineer to check about this. He told me the firewall is there between vlans but all the traffic is allowed.
Can you please give some way to check the communication between two vlans? MY public IP is in one vlan and private IP is in another vlan.

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Re: Firewall between VLans

So which hosts do you think there is a communication issue between (what are the IPs addresses)?
The simplest test is a ping between the two hosts. Then the next test would be to try and telnet to the relevant service port from the client to the server.
E.g if you were running an SSH server (on port 22) you could try:

Client> telnet server.local.com 22
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Re: Firewall between VLans

in addition to Mohammeds advice.

Check if the firewall is doing NAT.
Both if and if not check if the nodenames on the public lan can be resolved to ip-adresses.
-> Use nslookup from the oracle server on the private lan .