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GbE2c Problems...

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GbE2c Problems...

I originally posted this in the wrong forum, my apologies...

We have a C-3000 enclosure with a GBE2C interconnect switch installed. I have been trying to get the management side of the switch working through OA and managed to lock myself out of the BBI interface, what I did was enable & configure if256 and gw4 and applied settings as well as configured EBIPA and ended up being unable to log back into the switch. There was a management URL present but I could not login (would time out) -- I followed the directions at bladeconnect.com but I guess I didn't really know what I was doing.

So I then connected to the switch via null modem cable and did:


The switch reset yet the configured values I had put into it are still there. So I walked through the CLI and removed & disabled if256 and gw4 and again saved, rebooted.

I still cannot login to the switch via BBI but what I'd really like to do is make the management URL work from OA the way it was designed but I admit I'm pretty lost on this because I'm not entirely sure what's going on.

Is there a way to really reset back to factory? Losing all my changes and bring it back to the state of when I first pulled it out of the box? I can settle for not getting it working via OA but I'd really like to get the BBI working again.
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Re: GbE2c Problems...

Boot Options Menu starting on page 162

GBEc2 command reference guide:

/boot to get into Boot Options Menu

There is a factory configuration block. This holds the default configuration set by the factory when the switch was

Use the following procedure to set which configuration block you want the switch to load the next time it is reset:

1. At the Boot Options# prompt, enter:

Boot Options# conf

2. Enter the name of the configuration block you want the switch to use.
The system indicates which configuration block is currently set to be loaded at the next reset, and prompts you
to enter a new choice:
Currently set to use active configuration block on next reset.
Specify new block to use ["active"/"backup"/"factory"]:factory

Then reset the switch:

>> Boot Options# reset
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Re: GbE2c Problems...

Hi Terri,

I already did this part. When I went into boot/conf it asked me which configuration to use, at which point I typed "factory" and it confirmed my choice. I typed "reset" and it asked me to save as there was pending changes and I typed "save" and then "reset" but when the switch rebooted and I was back in the CLI it still had the old values retained from my original configuration.

Not sure what I missed here but I'll try your method verbatim and see what happens.