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Help with configuring IP Phones and 3500yl


Help with configuring IP Phones and 3500yl

First off, thank you for all of the help you've given me. The system is up and running good and qos in the office is good. Just need to get qos going to the untagged port. I have another question if I may.
When we configured the phones (nortel 1140es) to talk to the switch all we did was let the phones tag their packets to the voice vlan (default tagging but received vlan through LLDP-MED) and then told the switch that on that port was an untagged member of the default vlan (the computers connected to the phones) and a tagged member of the voice vlan (the phones themselves).
The installer seemed to feel that we needed to enable trunking on the ports connected to the phones. After reading HP's documentation I saw that trunking in HP speak is not the same as trunking in Cisco speak (what the installer was thinking of). Do we need to make single port trunks out of all the ports going to phones? Or, is simply telling the HP switch that the port is a tagged member of the voice vlan sufficient? Please bear in mind that the phones are switches themselves that are switching untagged traffic to the computer port.
Thank you again for any help you can give.
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Re: Help with configuring IP Phones and 3500yl

In Cisco-speak, trunking is the same as supporting vlan tagging.

What you've done should be sufficient.

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Re: Help with configuring IP Phones and 3500yl

you do not need trunk for phone ports, you are correct in setting them as tagged, as long as the phone configuration file has a setting for tagged and vlan id...(at least its this way with aastra phones) (i think for mitel phones setting the vlan id also sets it to speak tagged)...

a "trunk" port in cisco is "tagged" to the procurve switch (and many others)...

"etherchannel" in cisco is "trunk" to the procurve...