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HP fault light

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HP fault light

Is there a mechanism for instantly locating the fault that a flashing fault light is indicating?
Searching through the logs looking for the relevant message is a bit of a pain compared to having a "show fault" command.
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Re: HP fault light

Hello Mohammed,

I am not aware of such command. Maybe you can grep the log files for events coming from the subsystem "chassis":

Procurve-5406# sh log -w | include chassis

12:22:49 00576 chassis: 50V Power Supply 1 is Faulted. Failures: 1

-> in this case the power supply #1 is faulted causing a flashing fault LED.


Ingentive Networks GmbH
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Re: HP fault light

Hi Michael,

Thanks. I was hoping there would be something more specific to all/any faults. It just seemed so obivous when I was trying to find the fault that I thought I must be missing something.
The issue in particular happened to be:

W 07/14/10 13:50:54 00265 system: Lost Communication with Mgmt Module 1

so you can't always catch everything unless you manually look through the whole log! :) (it doesn't help that not all procurve's support the grep option for logs)