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ISCSI Problem with redundant topology

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ISCSI Problem with redundant topology

We have topogly which at the attached.


- We have 2 vlan which is one ISCSI and the other is Local Network.

- Hp blade server have two Flex-10 Modul with one ports connect 10G to the switch untagged port for ISCSI, the other ports connect 10G to the switch untagged port for LAN. Two 8212 connect with 10G(it didn't see at topology picture)

- All Storage node connect to twice 8212 switch with 2 10G cable. One cable connect to one 8212 and the other connect to other 8212. ALB (adaptive load balancing) config has been made at all storage node.

- Jumbo frame support enabled switchs at ISCSI vlan.

- Two 8212 connect to uplink switch Hp 2910 with 10G connection. Spanning tree enable 3 switchs.

- There aren't any additional config at the switchs.


We have some problem, the system work good some times but after more the system will be down. some pings broken and system will slowly. I think may be there are a loop in system. But ı am network eng. so dont understand storage and server.


Are there any advice for this system? Are there aynoen which have any experience with ISCSI topolgy? Pls help me?

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Re: ISCSI Problem with redundant topology


Its hard to tell what is happening from your post. Thry looking at this document