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Issues with Procurve 1800 VLans and Routing through the PFSense

New Member

Issues with Procurve 1800 VLans and Routing through the PFSense

I have a Procurve Switch 1800-24G and I'm setting up Vlans (2 of them called Vlan 10, and Vlan 30). Port I am trying to use as a trunk which would transfer all the traffic for all the VLANs (Vlan 1, Vlan 10 and Vlan 30).
Basically I am using only Vlan 10 and Vlan 30, as for my testing purposes Rest of the ports I am not using at all.

I have added Port 4 to Vlan 10, and Port 9 to Vlan 30 which have the following addresses (and I have ensured that those ports are properly configred to reflectg the VLAN ID to be 10 and 30 respectively in the port configuration).

Vlan 10 I have for and Vlan 30 I have for

I have two machines attaches to these ports 4 and 9, respectively with IP addresses from the above nets and their gateways to be set for, and respectively.

On the PFSense I have 2 Virtual Interfaces created on em0 with the above nets and named them as INTERFACE_VLAN_10 and INTERFACE_VLAN_30 and provided the address of and . Enabled the RIP on these two interfaces and enabled the firewall rule for the two networks to talk to eachother. And finally I have connected my Port 1 of the Procurve (Configured with trunk, which forces me to pick 2 ports atleast, so I have port 1 and 2 configred for the trunk), is attached to the em0 interface of the firewall.

As per this setting I should be able to route between the two workstations of Network 10 and 30, but unfortunately they dont talk at all.

From the Firewall, I am able to ping and interfaces that shows that the routing on the Firewall is OK. Where I am missing - I am unable to conclude, Please help me if any one can.

Would also appreciate an email response - am willing to submit any info, needed for the same. I am well conversant with the Switch Routing and Trunking. Once again the Ports 4 and 9 are configred for VLAN ID 10 and 30 respectively, and Port 1 and 2 are in trunk, and Port 1 is attached to em0 interface with the straight-through cable CAT5e from the Switch.