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LACP and Linux

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LACP and Linux

Dear all,

I am running RHEL5.2 and want get ethernet bonding to work on a Procurve 2900 switch. I tried doing this a month or two ago, but the LACP part of the trucking never worked. The usual thing was that LACP packets would come down bond0, but the server could never use the LACP session and would constantly reset the ethernet ports. I wondered if anybody had got LACP to work successfully (as it is supported by the Linux Kernel). An email from HP support said that they recommended that I set LACP to passive and set the linux machine to active.

I have read http://www.cyberciti.biz/howto/question/static/linux-ethernet-bonding-driver-howto.php - which gives the background and helps me configure bonding to mode 4.

Any pointers would be helpful.