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NAT on 5308xl

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NAT on 5308xl

Hi all,

I have a 5308xl switch and I need to configure NAT for some devices in one vlan(120) to another vlan(111)

In vlan120 I have devices with ip-address The ip-address with which devices from vlan111 need to communicate with the devices in vlan120 should be
How do I go about this? Is there someone who can help me? I know I need to make an access-list and tie it to the vlan120 interface but I have never done this before on a HP switch. Help would be appreciated.
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Re: NAT on 5308xl

Check out the IP Routing chapter of the Advanced Traffic Management Guide if you haven't already. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/6400-5300-4200-3400-AdvTrafficMgmt-Oct2006-59906051-Chap11.pdf

NAT is pretty basic on the 5300:

Static NAT Operating Rules
â   Uses one-to-one IP address mapping. That is, with each â privateâ device
IP address you configure for static NAT, there must be a corresponding
virtual, â publicâ IP address.
â   Allows up to 32 client IP addresses per switch, which requires an equal
number of virtual IP address assignments. Note that increasing the
number of NAT mappings can reduce overall NAT performance.
â   Requires routing to be enabled on the switch.

Syntax: [no] ip nat static < private-ip > < public-ip >
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Re: NAT on 5308xl

if u want to communicate with different vlans, IP routing should be enable.

if u have a core switch in ur network, you can use the following commands,

ip routing
logging facility syslog

ip route [Router/firewall ip address]