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Native Vlan


Native Vlan

Hello Dears,

I m new to HP switches,i have worked on cisco devices i wan to know

what is the default native vlan in hp switches and how do we configure on port,


if i want to configure 2 different default vlan can i do it in 1 switch 5406 on different ports.

I m configuring cisco NAC which requires different native vlan connecting to NAC.
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Re: Native Vlan

VLAN 1 is the default VLAN for the HP switches.
The equivalent to a Cisco "Native VLAN" is an "untagged" port in a HP switch.
Yes different ports can be "untagged" in separate VLANs. An indiivdual port can only be untagged in one VLAN, however it can carry tagged traffic for as many VLANs as you can define.

This document might be a good starting point for you.
HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide
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Re: Native Vlan

The default Vlan can be changed as stated.
You might want to inhibit the propagation of Vlan 1 all together, also over uplinks.

Some functions will then not work anymore, like DHCP. You 'll have to define your default Vlan with > primary-vlan 'vlan'.
I 'm not sure that if you change the default vlan from within the 'menu' this will be done automatically.

Greetz Jaap