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Nic Teaming (LACP) 4108gl

New Member

Nic Teaming (LACP) 4108gl

Hello All

I am currently looking to improve network performance to our file server which i just bought an Intel Quad NIC, my idea being that i can use some kinda of load balancing. the file server is running 2003, sharing files to around 800 clients.

I was wondering which teaming option is the best to use to improve network performance to the server with our switch which is a procurve 4108gl and 4 gigabit ports on the switch.

If i use 4 gigabit ports to the server using LACP is there any configuration needed to be performed on the switch in its default state.

my last question is how much should the network performace to the server be improved?

thank you for any help in advanced


Re: Nic Teaming (LACP) 4108gl

Hi James,

There are a few ways you could go about this. You could set up a team (like Transmit Load Balance) on the server side and not configure the switch at all. With TLB, you would get 4 gig transmit capability, but would receive on only 1 link at gig.

Another option would be to configure either dynmamic or static LACP trunks on the 4100 and use switch assisted or automatic teaming on the server side. This should be feasible as long as all four links are co-terminous (all connections run from the same server to the same switch). I believe in this type of scenario, you would be transmitted and receiving using all 4 gig ports. However, the switch trunking uses a hashing algorithm based on source and destination mac, so I would not expect to get a true 4gb transmit and 4gb receive.

Hope that helps.


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