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PCM & Switch configuration

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PCM & Switch configuration

Hi there,

I am trying to find out how to obtain the configuration from my ProCurve switches in PCM. It looks like there is an option to scan for the configuration, but I can't seem to find a way to actually get it to my PCM station.

Any tips or pointers on this one? I am probably missing something simple.


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Re: PCM & Switch configuration

From the PCM 2.3 Administrator's Guide, page 9-42: (http://cdn.procurve.com/training/Manuals/PCM-AdminGuide59908850-0208.pdf)

Exporting Device Configurations
To help you document network device configurations, you can use the Export
Configurations feature in the Configuration Manager. The Export Device
Configurations wizard will save a text copy of any configuration information
found in the configuration history for a device. The exported files are stored
in the \\PNM\server\config\devConfig\export directory with a file
extension of .cfg. You can then read and print the ASCII files using a simple
text editor such as NotePad.
To export device configuration files:

1. Click the Device group node, or individual device node in the navigation
tree, or select the device(s) in the Devices List tab.

2. Select the Export Configurations option in the Configuration Manager
toolbar menu, or from the Configuration Manager menu off of the right-
click menu.
This launches the Export Device Configurations wizard, with the list of
selected devices.

3. Review the list of devices to be included in the configuration export, then
click Next to begin the export operation.
Click Cancel to exit the wizard if you do not want to continue with the
configuration export, or if the devices list is incorrect.

4. The wizard displays the status of the configuration file export process.
You will see three files created for each device configuration:
â ¢ HwCfg.cfg; contains the device hardware configuration, including
installed modules, switch fans, ports, etc.
â ¢ SwCfg.cfg: contains the switch software configuration, including
SNMP settings, VLANs, port settings, etc.
â ¢ OsCfg.cfg: contains a list of the Switch OS and boot ROM versions that
are installed on the device.
The exported files are stored in the \\PNM\server\config\dev-
Config\export directory with a file extension of .cfg. The file names are a
concatenation of the device IP address, file scan date and time, and file
type. If there is more than one configuration for the device found in the
configuration history, a separate file is created for each configuration.

5. After the message displays, click Close to exit the
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Re: PCM & Switch configuration

Export configurations is grayed out under Config Manager.
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Re: PCM & Switch configuration

Is it because you're using PCM not PCM+?
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Re: PCM & Switch configuration

PCM unable deploy config to switch

this ability have only PCM+