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PCM - Using Automatic CLI to send config

Frequent Advisor

PCM - Using Automatic CLI to send config

Trying to use PCM to send config to multiple swithces automatically.

When writing the config to be executed in PCM, is there a way to send a carriage return?

The problem I am having is when the command entered runs a wizard e.g 'snmpv3 enable' or 'crypto host-cert generate self-signed'

Once invoked there these wizards require in places, a carriage return to continue, or to selct the deafult value. Putting a blank line in the written config for PCM does not seem to aciheve this. I have also tried putting '' in place.

Example (I have used in this case, have also tried using a blank line):

crypto key generate cert 1024
crypto host-cert generate self-signed

my department
my company
my location

web-management ssl
no web-management plaintext