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Port Security

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Port Security

Hi All,


I am looking to introduce port security on our network, but need guidance.  I know how to web interface into the switches, never have worked from a console cable.


I have a core switch J8697A and 15, 2530-48G J9775A.


I am looking to achieve the following:


  • Secure current devices so that no other device can connect to the same port, which I believe would mean leaving the address limit to 1.
  •  Disable ports that are not being used, I tried highlighting the ports under interface-port info/config and disabling ports and it will not allow, says configuration failed.
  •  I am also looking for some central management software to manage all the switches.

Help will be much appreciated, thank you in advance.


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Re: Port Security



before i put a question in this forum, i will try to help first

(this is my first post).


what kind of port security are you thinking about? There are different flavors.


The best is 802.1x

It is really not difficult using the console.

before launching 802.1x you will need a radius server.

After a succesfull authorization, the user and his machine is placed in the right vlan. If the authorizations is not successfull, the user and the machine stay in the quarantaine vlan.


I never use the web interface and i don't know if it is possible to configure it from within the web interface.


Central management can be done by HP IMC.


is it possible for you to telnet or to ssh to the same ip address what you use in your browser?