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problem facing with dhcp

New Member

problem facing with dhcp

i have switch of hp2650 and create 3 vlan on it

vlan 10
untagged 1-24
ip address
vlan 20
untagged 25-40
ip address
vlan 30
untagged 41-48
ip address

i have dcl moden who give the DHCP ip to the computers and dcl put in to the vlan 10 port number is 5

its working very good
but when i put the IPTV cable into any vlan port the IPTV are working the ip of IPTV server is and also enable DHCP in the IPTV server
so what is the problem
i want need the solution please help me
Respected Contributor

Re: problem facing with dhcp

Hi Asif,

Can you please explain what exactly you need to do here? you are connecting the IPTV to which VLAN ? and you want it to get an IP from which VLAN/Subnet? also the IPTV server in which VLAN and subnet?

I'm sorry but i was not able to understand your point there