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ProCurve 2626 IP Routing

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ProCurve 2626 IP Routing

I have a 2626 switch with two VLANS configured to seperate 2 different Microsoft SBS domains. Is it possible to route Internet traffic from one VLAN to another for Internet access?
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Re: ProCurve 2626 IP Routing

hello Eric.

I solve this problem using a router with two ethernet port, connected on the same switch because my old Cisco 2900 was L2 only.

I don't know very well the 2626 but i know is a L3 switch and you can set a route for use the gateway of the other VLAN for permit internet access.

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Re: ProCurve 2626 IP Routing

hi Eric
this bellow config for 2626 two vlan create and ip route command .you crefully look static route entire you internet router lan interface address and you make write your internet router static route
ip route
ip route

ProCurve Switch 2626(config)# vlan 1
ProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-1)# ip addProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-1)# ip address
ProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-1)# untag 1-10
ProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-1)# vlan 2
ProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-2)# ip addProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-2)# ip address
ProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-2)# untag 11-20
ProCurve Switch 2626(vlan-2)# ex
ProCurve Switch 2626(config)# ip routeing ing
ProCurve Switch 2626(config)# ip route
ProCurve Switch 2626(config)# wr mem

another way internet router lan interface create two sub interface and associate vlans attach to switch tag port

good luck